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What Is A Cookie?

A cookie is basically a small file saved on your computer by our website that helps us remember information about you and how you use our website. Without this file, everything is reset when you visit a new page. A cookie will not check files on your computer or store any information about you that you have not directly input. Therefore, we cannot know your name, address, phone number, bank details etc.

Why Do We Use Cookies?

Sound Testing Manchester only uses cookies for two reasons:

  1. Google Analytics: To understand how people use our site and where we may be able to make improvements based on our visitor journeys, we use Google Analytics that tells us what pages you've visited, when you visited them and how long for. This is the only information we use and it does not store your IP address or any other private information.
  2. Live Chat Support: Our live chat support does store your IP address that gives us a rough idea on where you're contacting us from and helps us make sure the enquiry is genuine. It does not give us your exact address but rather the city of where your internet provider is, which might not even be where you are but it's not usually far away.

What Else Can Cookies Be Used For?

Though our need for cookies is relatively small, over 90% of websites on the internet use cookies for far more reasons than we do.

For example, if you've ever logged into a website then a cookie will need to be stored in your computer's memory otherwise when you changed pages the site would forget who you are. Similarly if you're trying to buy something online, when you move from the basket page to the payment page that information will be forgotten as a new page is essentially a complete refresh. With this small file saved in an easily accessible location, a website can check its existence and then read the information it previously stored there.

Advertising banners can also use cookies to see the sites you've previously visited so they can tailor their adverts to your interests. You will always need to accept this before they can do so and selecting "No" will usually result in generic adverts being displayed. We do not use any advertising cookies on our site.

What Information Do We Store On Our End?

In our own database we will only keep your information if you've filled our our callback or quote request forms. This is simply to ensure that a member of our team can respond to you and what your requirements are. You will be notified when we would like to store your information before we do so.

Can I Remove These Cookies?

Cookies will usually have an automatic timeout on where they will be deleted so many hours or days after creation to help keep your computer from clogging up. It is possible that a value such as 10 years could be set for somebody who never wants to forget though.

What you can do if you're worried about disk space or a particular cookie file is to manually delete them. Every web browser has the option, usually in the settings, to clear your cache, history and cookies. This will delete your cookie files no matter what the automatic time was set to.

Next Steps

If you'd like to know more about the information we store and how long we keep it then please see our GDPR Compliance page. For the terms you're agreeing to by simply visiting our site you can check out our Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy. Any further questions please feel free to contact our team on 0161 403 0129.